Dr. Abdul Majid:
A Multifaceted Islamic Scholar in the UK

Meet Dr. Abdul Majid, a distinguished Islamic scholar whose illustrious journey spans decades and has made him a prominent figure in the Islamic community. Based in the UK, Dr. Majid is admired for his wisdom, knowledge, and multifaceted contributions.

Spiritual Leadership and Counseling Expertise
As an accomplished Imam, Dr. Majid serves as a spiritual guide, leading congregations in prayers and delivering insightful sermons that resonate with people from all walks of life. Additionally, he has gained deep knowledge in Nine Core Counseling Skills, earning certification as a counselor. His deep understanding of Islamic teachings has positioned him as an authority on matters of faith and spirituality.

Literary Contributions and Media Presence
Beyond the mosque walls, Dr. Majid’s influence extends to the realm of literature. With a remarkable literary portfolio, he has authored more than 15 books, each serving as a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment for readers seeking a deeper understanding of Islam. Recognized as a dynamic TV personality, Dr. Majid was the former host of the acclaimed show “Islamiqa” on Islam Channel. His thought-provoking discussions, comprehensive answers to viewers’ questions, and engaging presence captivated audiences for several years.

Academic Achievements and Holistic Development
Dr. Majid’s journey is not confined to the realm of theology alone. Armed with a PhD in Business Administration, he has enriched the academic world by serving as a lecturer at the University of Preston in Ajman, focusing on Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. This unique combination of business acumen and spiritual depth underscores his commitment to holistic growth and development.

Continued Impact on Eman
Channel Continuing his commitment to spreading Islamic knowledge, Dr. Majid now graces the screens of Eman Channel. Through his appearances, he shares insights, addresses critical topics, and provides valuable advice on matters of faith, spirituality, and daily life.

Inspiring Fusion of Scholarship, Spirituality, and Media Presence
Dr. Abdul Majid’s journey exemplifies the fusion of scholarship, spirituality, media presence, and academic contributions. His dedication to serving the community, both as an Imam and a prolific author, alongside his impactful presence on television and in academia, makes him an inspiration to all who seek enlightenment and understanding.
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